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Docman Hub 9

Version History

Version Notes

The release of Docman Hub 9 sees a number of changes to the structure of the system, designed to increase speed and stability.


Note: This document lists the new features and changes implemented in Version 9. Organisations updating from versions preceding 800850 will process the three most recent updates (800850, 800875 and 9) simultaneously, and may wish to view the 800850 and 800875 release documentation for an overall summary of what to expect after upgrading to Hub 9.


Version History

Version 9

Database – Upgrade to MySQL 5.6. The MySQL database has been upgraded from 3.23 to 5.6. This offers more statistics on database speed to help us improve query speed and overall performance.

.NET Framework – upgrade to .NET Framework 4.5. Docman Hub now uses .NET Framework 4.5. This is a future-proofing step for the Hub infrastructure, and also improves security of the software.

Database – Document Filestore. Documents have been moved from the database into a secure Windows file store. This results in a reduced database size, which in turn increases database response times. The new document filestore makes the old document auto-archive process redundant, as the document count no longer has an impact on the size (and speed) of the database.

Error Log. The error log filter has been changed so that users can search on partial matches.

Web Console Branding. The new Docman Hub branding has been applied to the web admin console.

Record of Transmitted Document Sizes. Once a document has been relayed to a hub, the originating hub records the converted file size of the document on the destination hub to be displayed and reported upon.

Use of '/' character in file naming. A change has been made to the meta data check that replaces illegal characters in file names.

Report Runner Install. Report Runner is fully incorporated into Hub 9, and is included as part of the Hub install.

Report Runner URL. A change has been made to the Report Runner configuration file to change how Report Runner is opened. This now points towards localhost instead of a URL.

Hub Install - Default Locations. The default install paths have been changed to the correct locations.

Tiff Converter. Changes have been made to how Tiff Converter saves and updates files to make the conversion process more robust.

Admin Console – Source Ref. To maintain consistency, the references to “Source Ref” in the Admin Console have been changed to “Doc Ref”.

Report Runner – New Tab. Clicking on Report Runner now opens the Report Runner in a new tab or window, instead of opening in the same window as the Hub Console.

Rejection Reason filter not Carrying Over. Fixed an issue where clicking Next to view the next page on the Hub Document list when a rejection reason filter is applied would clear the filter.

Web Console Crash. Fixed an issue where, after using the Hub Web Console for a certain amount of time, the console would crash and logging in again would result in the error "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached".

Report Runner Login. A change has been made to the Report Runner login process.

TiffMon - Tiff Converter restart. Fixed an issue where the Tiff Monitor always restarts the Tiff Converter during a check, even if it is running correctly.

Adding Documents - Meta Data. Fixed an issue when adding documents through the web service in which the upload of the original document ID would occasionally fail. Meta data is now checked before downloading, if the original doc ID is 0 then it is updated before the download.

Relaying XML Documents Using DTDs. Fixed an issue that caused an "exception was thrown" error on a target Hub when relaying XML documents using DTDs.

Version 9.4

Archiver. A new tool has been created to archive documents, audits and metadata from the Hub database. This allows users to configure archiving sessions, back data up to a chosen area and bulk-delete items.

'Accepted' Status. An additional document status of 'Accepted' has been added to the Hub. This status is used when a document is deemed to have been filed and accepted into the receiving end point's Docman system.


Please note: The new status exists in Docman version 75500 or above only; documents sent to end points using earlier versions of Docman will end on the 'Delivered' status.

Vault Connector. A new tool has been created to allow documents to be passed into Docman Vault. If a user has Vault access, all documents with the status of 'Accepted' will pass through to the Vault. All documents that are passed to the Vault are given a valid GUID to show that the document has been sent to the Vault successfully.


Please note: Only end points on Docman version 75500 or above can set documents to the 'Accepted' status. End points on an older version end on the document status of 'Delivered', and will not pass documents to the Vault.

Document Sources - Vault. An option has been added to the Document Source screen which allows documents to be posted to the Vault.

Document List - Sender/Contributor. Hub Administrators are now able to choose between showing the sender or the contributor for each document in the Documents List.

Maintenance Service. The service control manager has been replaced with an MVC application that contains all Hub configuration settings.

Error Logging and Handling. All errors now report back to the main Hub error log, regardless of where the error occurred.

ClientLib. A new clientlib.dll has been created which checks the version of Docman an end point is using. This allows the Hub to accept the new 'Accepted' document status if the end point is on Docman version 75500 or above.

Report Runner, Maintenance Service, Archiver - User Drop-Down Menu. The user name drop-down menu has been removed from these applications. The only way to access these screens is through logging into the Hub console, so the user drop-down was redundant.

Hub Test Harness. Options have been added to the Hub Test Harness. Tests can now be performed on the new EDT_GetCurrentDocStatus and EDT_GetCurrentDocStatusExt API calls. Check boxes are available to choose between these or the older EDT_GetDocStatus and EDT_GetDocStatusExt calls.

Report Runner Access. When accessing Report Runner, the user is automatically logged in based on their Hub login, and does not have to re-enter their login details. This uses a session cookie.


This has also resolved a console crashing issue that was noticed in previous versions.

TIFF Conversion - Status 4100. An issue that was caused by documents that were converted by TIFF Converter but failed to upload was fixed. These documents were given a status of 4100 (Rejected By System"), which was not recognised by the Hub. Documents rejected at this stage are now given the status of 4005 ("Rejected").

Version 9.4.1

Relayed Document Web Service Call. A new web service call named GetRelayDocStatusList has been created, to retrieve the latest status of a relayed document.

Relayed Documents and Vault. A change has been made so that documents relayed from other Hubs cannot be posted to Vault by the Destination Hub. This is due to the ownership of the document remaining with the Relaying Hub.

Archiver - Relayed Documents. A change has been made to the Archiver so that documents relayed from other Hubs are archived, if the relayed document fits the archive criteria.

Document Encoding - Base 64. A change has been made to allow the Hub to process documents encoded with an older standard of Base 64 encoding. Base 64 documents that include carriage return and line feed characters are now processed accordingly.

Web Service. Fixed an issue where posting a document to an End Point or NACS Code that does not exist would result in a generic error message, which would not be recorded in the error log. The error message now explains the cause of the problem.

Document List - Search. Fixed an issue where the Hub would automatically search when a user began typing filters into the Document List search field.

System Summary Emails. Fixed an issue with the timing of system summary emails that resulted in the emails being sent later than the planned intervals.

EDT Connect Lite - Invitations. Fixed an issue where attempting to send an EDT Connect Lite invitation to an End Point would not send the invitation email.

Archiver - Backup Location. A change has been made to the archiver process to fix a read/write issue. Before running an archive session, the archiver attempts to read and write to the backup and log file locations. If it cannot complete this action, an error is returned. If it completes the action successfully, the backup continues as normal.

Archiver - Metadata. Fixed an issue where metadata from an archived document could not be viewed or edited.

RTF Documents - BASE64 Encoding. Fixed an issue that caused problems when uploading RTF documents with BASE64 encoding. These documents can now be uploaded with no issues.

Relayed Documents - Document Source. Fixed an issue with relayed documents that caused the Document Source field to show as "Other". The actual document source is now displayed.

Relayed Documents - View Details. Fixed an issue with relayed documents that caused an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" exception when trying to view a relayed document's details.

Version 9.4.2

Web Service Call Changes. The following changes have been made to the following web service calls, these changes have been implemented to improve relaying.

  • EDT_GetEndPointList – This call is now cached locally and updated every 24 hours.
  • Relayed Document Status – The status of relayed documents is now updated every hour. The ability to recheck the status of an individual document has been removed
  • EDT_GetEndPointStatus – This call is now cached locally and updated every hour if required.

Remote Document Check - Error Logging. If the Hub is unable to connect to a remote Hub during a remote document check, a single error message is logged and the check is stopped. This prevents multiple errors being logged for the same issue.

Activity Summary - Delivered Documents. The Delivered Documents count has been removed from the Activity Summary page. This is intended to improve the page loading time.

Hub Installer - TIFF Converter Service. A change has been made to the Hub installer to include the TIFF Converter service as part of the install. The original TIFF Converter is still included, so customers may choose their preferred version during install. For more information on the new TIFF Converter service, click here.

Web Service Cache. A directory of all the cached information from web service calls is now available.

Version 9.4.3

Relayed Document Web Service Call. A new web service call named GetRelayDocStatusList has been created, to retrieve the latest status of a relayed document.

SNOW API Integration. The SNOW API client lib is integrated into version 9.4.3 of Hub.

TIFF Converter Warning Message. TIFF Converter profile warning messages have been changed to only appear if TIFF Converter is installed.

Deleting Rejected Documents. Fixed an issue where attempting to delete all rejected documents caused an error.

Version 9.4.5

Relayed Documents - TIFF Conversion Process. When a document is relayed between Hubs, the TIFF conversion profile for the document type on the Relaying Hub is transferred across too. The document is then converted on the Destination Hub according to the Relaying Hub's conversion profile.

Relayed Documents - Document Formats. Additional safeguards have been put into place when relaying a document between Hubs to ensure documents are converted to TIFF. If a document is relayed from a source that does not have Convert to TIFF ticked, the document format is checked. If the document is already a TIFF document, it is relayed as normal. If the document is not a TIFF, it is rejected back to the sender. In this scenario, the sender needs to set the source to convert to TIFF and create a conversion profile.

Error Log - Inactive End Points. When an inactive End Point attempts to collect from a Hub, the collection is refused. A notification is added to the Error Log stating that "The NACS Code is valid, but the End Point is marked as Inactive. SITE: [Site NACS]". Depending on the End Point's collection schedule, this would appear in the Error Log multiple times a day. Error logging has been changed so that this message will only appear once for every inactive End Point every 24 hours.

Document Lists - Export to CSV. An issue was discovered when attempting to export document list using the Export to CSV button. This is now fixed.

Rejected Documents List Display. An issue was identified in the Rejected Documents list. The icon that appears next to each rejected document was obscuring details in other columns for each rejected document. This is now fixed, and all columns are visible.

Version 9.4.6

Logging _ ITK Files. The logging for ITK files has been updated. The user is now able to choose how much is logged.

Export to CSV - Accepted Status. When exporting to CSV, the exported file now displays the Accepted status column on the activity pages.

Export to CSV - Endpoint Not Collected - NACS Code.  When exporting to CSV, the exported file now displays the NACS code for sites that have not collected.

Report Runner - New Activity Reports. New activity reports have been added to Report Runner.

Refactoring of Archive Function. The Archive function has been refactored so that it keeps database connection running through the service.

Archive Referencing. A change has been made to the archiver function so that it references the ORID column of the original document table.

Backup. An issue was identified which caused the automated backup to run twice a day. This is now fixed.

Backup - Backup Storage. An issue was identified which caused old backup files to be stored longer than the configured retention period. This is now fixed.

Archived Documents - Waiting Status. An issue was identified in which archived documents could be set to Waiting status. This is now fixed.

Version 9.5

For more information on the changes to Hub 9.5, view the New Look Hub 9 User Guide.

Dashboard - Status Widgets/Warning Messages. The Hub Console Dashboard now displays widgets for all documents in the document list. Relayed Document widgets are also displayed if the Hub has any active sharing agreements. The Dashboard restricts data based on user security settings; if a user's permissions only allow them to see one document source, the display on their Dashboard is limited to this source.


Warning messages alert a user if any End Points have failed to make a collection, or if a document has been awaiting TIF conversion for a long period of time.

Document List - Document Audit. A full document audit is now available to users. This audit shows all status changes in timeline order.

Login - Forgotten Password Link. The Forgot Password link prompts for the user's email address. This then allows the user to reset their Hub account password by following the instructions.

User Session Inactivity. A new setting allows the Hub to automatically log user sessions out after a period of inactivity. The default inactive period is twenty minutes. This may be changed in the System Settings section of the Hub Console.

Document List - Search Bar - Exclude Relayed In Checkbox. An "Exclude Relayed In" checkbox has been added to the search bar. This excludes relayed inbound documents from the Document List results.

Users - New User - Email. When a new user is added to Hub, an email is now sent to their email address with their login credentials.

End Points - Contact Details. A second contact may now be added to End Points.

Collection Console (EDT Lite). End Points can now be set up for sites that want to use the new EDT Lite (Collection Console). When a user signs into the collection console account for the first time, it is registered on the product directory in the Discovery Service (DISCO). This gives the account a GUID which is stored in the database.

Delivery Console - Email Notifications. If a document is rejected, the Hub users are sent an email notification so that the relevant action may be taken.

Delivery Console - New Role. Users in the Delivery Console may be allocated an Admin of User role. Admins have the ability to add additional users within their organisation and can see what all users have sent. Users have the ability to review the documents they have sent.

Collection Console - Email Notifications. Email notifications have been built into the Collection Console. If a new document is set to waiting for an End Point, and they have no other documents set as waiting, an email is triggered. A daily summary is also sent to every End Point.

Collection Console - Roles. Users in the Collection Console may be allocated an Admin User role. Admins have the ability to add additional users within their organisation, view the transmissions log for their practice, download documents and reject documents. Users have the ability to download and reject documents.

Collection Console - New Rejection Reason. A new rejection reason has been added to the Console. This is labelled "REJ06", and allows a free text comment as a rejection.

Login - Login ID/email address. Users are now able to log in using either their user ID or email address.

Auditing. User activity is audited. The audit captures the user's sign in and sign out time, and the IP address that the user accesses the Hub from.

Document List - Multi Select. The multi-select function has been updated. The option appears when the document list is filtered by a source, and gives the user options based on the filtered status of the selected documents.

Users - Mandatory Email. It is now mandatory for a user account to have an email address. This email must be individual to the user.

Users - Passwords - Password Complexity. The password complexity rules have been revised. All passwords must contain a minimum of one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and a number. All users must change their passwords upon first login as part of the upgrade process.

End Points - Overdue End Points. The method of determining overdue End Points has changed. The Hub checks the End Point's last collection time and the oldest waiting document for the End Point. If the difference between the two is over 24 hours, the End Point is classed as overdue.

End Point - Address Format. The address titles in End Point configuration have been updated to Address Line 1, 2 and 3, and Postcode.

Document Source - Search Bar. The Document Source search bar had been updated to make it easier to access results.

Document Source - TIF Conversion. If a user enables a document source for TIF conversion, the user is taken to the TIF Profile Page automatically to create a profile for the source. If TIF Conversion is disabled on the source, any TIF profiles created for the source are deleted.

System Settings - Page Setup. System Settings has been updated to only present information relative to the user. Any settings which the user cannot change have been hidden from view.

Hub Alert Emails. Hub Alert Emails are now automated as part of the maintenance service.

Page View - Number of Items Per Page. Number of Items Per Page setting has been added into System Settings. This allows the user to choose the amount of results they want per page on 'list' pages.

Archiver - Hub Console. The Archiver has been ported into the new Hub Console.

TIF Converter - Hub Console. The TIF Converter has been ported into the new Hub Console. TIF Converter logs appear under the Logs section of the Hub Console. TIF Converter audit is now stored on the TIF Profile page, and is broken down by profile.

Transmission Log. The Transmission Logs have been updated so that users can no longer click through to a specific document ID when viewing a transmission.

Report Runner - Permissions. Report Runner is now a component in the Page Permission settings, meaning that any role can be configured to access the Report Runner.

Report Runner - User Permissions. Report Runner now generates reports based on the user's role. Is the user's role is only linked to certain document sources, the Report Runner will only generate results from that source.

Document Capture - Delivery Console. Document Capture has been moved from a local client to a web-based application. Users can access the application from any machine that can see the Hub network.

Delivery Console - Document Preview - Docuvieware. Docuvieware, a third party service, has been added to the Delivery Console to allow previewing of documents. The new service supports DOCX, PDF, TXT and TIFF file formats. Other file types may be supported for transportation but may not previewable.

End Point Search. The list of available End Points no longer appears. Users must now search by ODS Code, postcode or End Point name.

EDT Lite - Collection Console. EDT Lite has been moved from a local client to a web-based application. Users can access the application from any machine that can see the Hub network.

Collection Console - Document Preview - Docuvieware. Docuvieware, a third party service, has been added to the Console to allow previewing of documents.

Collection Console - Transmission Log. A User column has been added to the transmission log table, so user downloads may be reviewed. A transmission entry is created every time a user downloads one or multiple documents. When a user begins a document download, the document status is changed to Delivered.



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